Hello Current Students and Alumni;

We have some really exciting and healing classes coming up at the Academy of Natural therapy in the June 2022 quarter. 

Orthopedic Massage: 40 Hours

Instructor: Deb Todd  Starts:  Thursdays June 23rd, 2022 1-5 

Hospitals and rehab centers are really searching for therapists with these orthopedic skills.

Nutrition & Exercise: 30 hours

Instructor: Dea Thursdays, June 23rd 1-5 

Eating right and exercising right are important keys that help the massage therapist and their clients maintain health and wellbeing.

Lymph Drainage : 40 Hours 

Instructor: Deb Fridays, June 24th 5-9

Would you like to learn a technique that will give your hands a break,  that a growing number of Americans really need? Try Lymph, your customers will love it and greatly benefit from it, especially if they have an auto-immune.

Equine class: 25 hours

Instructor: Laura Saturdays, June 25th 11-4 for 5 weeks

Horse time! Yes, feel the love and appreciation of the Equine spirit and learn the rewarding techniques of equine massage.

We have payment plans available.  I hope to see some of you take a class. 🙂

Jennifer Mongan