The cost and financial information included here is current as of September 2021. However, all costs are subject to change. Tuition is due for each quarter prior to the start of each class unless payment arrangements have been made with the Academy. A payment plan, including monthly payment options, will be discussed prior to enrollment.Our tuition includes:
  • Engaging, in-depth curriculum
  • 750-hour massage therapy program
  • Large Campus: 36,000 sq. ft. – Let this be your home away from home!
  • Liability insurance up to 5 million
  • Textbooks
  • Massage tables and chairs provided during school
  • Materials including sheets, tools, and handouts
  • Lotions and oils.
    • The Academy of Natural Therapy is proud to formulate and produce its own distinct lotions, including a pain-relief formula, and oils, called Mongan’s Own.
  • Internships
  • Structured program
  • One-on-one training through small class sizes

Program Costs (As of September 2021)

750 Hour Massage Therapy Certificate

Methods of Payment / Financial Programs

Options to Help You Pay for Your Education

Government (Title IV) funding for those who qualify includes:*Go to and complete your FAFSA application to qualify
  1. Federal Grants (Money you don’t have to pay back)
    • Pell Grants up to $5,413
    • FSEOG (Federal Supplemental Opportunity Grants): $200-$400
  2. Federal Stafford Loans up $7,835
  3. Federal Work-Study
  4. Parent Plus Loans (Loans to student’s parents to pay for college)
  5. The Academy qualifies for Federal Title IV funding. You can apply for Pell grants, Federal Direct Loans, Workstudy, and FSEOG (Federal Supplemental Equal Opportunity Grants).
Additional Options:
  1. Academy Scholarships (Friends and Family, Bachelor’s degree, Sole Scholarships, etch)
  2. Outside Scholarships/Grants*Bright Futures for Weld County recent graduates, *Vocation Rehab funding for those with disabilities, *AmeriCorps, and *Countless other sources
  3. 529 Savings Plan Funds
  4. Employer Tuition Reimbursement (Many employers help students pay for college)
  5. 401K and IRA disbursements can be used without penalty to pay for college
  6. Academy Payment Plans
  7. Tax Credits
    • American Opportunity Tax Credit (cannot have a bachelor’s degree), typically $1,000- $2,500 per tax year
    • Lifetime Learning Credit (must have tax liability to receive)

Transfer Policy

A maximum of 27 quarter credit hours may be transferred. The courses must be completed within the last 5 years. The Academy is willing to consider transfer credits from any educational institution for which official transcripts are available with grades of at least a “C”. . These may be public, private, or non-profit institutions. If an institution. No foreign transcripts accepted Online classes may be accepted, except for online “Body Work” (massage) classes. There must be written evidence of this. Experience in the Armed Forces or in a job without documented coursework cannot be used to replace instruction. To guarantee that the Academy will consider your transfer request, official transcripts are required prior to starting your Academy classes. If the content of the previous class is not clear, a course syllabi or other documentation of the material covered may be requested.
Class Start Date (month/year)Feb-17Mar-17Apr-17Jun-17Jul-17Aug-17Sep-17Nov-17Dec-17   TOTAL%%=
Number Started255247144   34100% 
Transfers to Another Program            0 3/2
Transfers from Another Program            00%4/2
Total Starts plus/minus Transfers25524714400034100% 
Unavailable for Graduation            00%6/5
Students available for Graduation25524714400034100%7/5
Withdrawn/Terminated Students2100  132   926%8/5
Graduates within 150% of Program Length0452470120002574%9/7
Completion Rate0%80%100%100%100%100%0%25%50%#DIV/0#DIV/0#DIV/074% 9/7
Graduates – Further Education01  01      28%11/9
Graduates – Unavailable for Employment  1 01      28%12/9
Graduates – Available for Employment0342450120002184%13/9
Graduates – Employed in Field034231 1    1456%14/9
Placement Rate#DIV/0100%100%100%75%20%#DIV/0100%0%#DIV/0#DIV/0#DIV/067% 14/13
Graduates – Unrelated Occupations0020140 1   838%16/13
Graduates – Unemployed            00%17/13
Graduates – Unknown0 0     1   15%18/13