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750 Hour Certificate

The 750 Hour Massage Therapy Program is the starting point for a professional Massage Therapist.

This 750 hour program equips students with a firm understanding of the basic skills necessary to be an effective healer for many years to come.


Additional Courses Offered

For detailed course descriptions, choose one of the courses listed below:

Course Prefix Course Title Clock Hours Credit Hours
CPM-400 Clinical Practical 60 3.1
CPM-500 Clinical Practical 66 3
ENG-220 Business Writing 40 4
HWE-110 Herbology 40 3.5
LDM-240 Lymphatic Drainage Massage 40 3
MAN-210 Operations and Clinical Management 40 3
MED-240 Medical Massage 40 3
MKT-210 Marketing 40 4
MOT-260 Movement Therapies 40 3
NMT-240 Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy 40 3
NUT-110 Nutrition & Exercise 30 2.5
NUT-240 Advanced Nutrition 40 3.5
ORM-260 Orthopedic Massage 40 3
PDI-220 Prenatal, Delivery, Infant Massage 36 1.5
RFL-220 Reflexology 40 3
SHM-120 Shiatsu 40 3
SNM-260 Massage for Special Needs 40 3
TEM-220 Teaching Methods 40 3.5
ZOO 110 Canine Massage 40 3

Students receive a certificate for each additional class completed

These courses have been offered since 1989 and are essential to the success of massage therapists.

Gainful Employment

Beginning July 1, 2011, the Department of Education requries that post-secondary institutions must dislcose pertinent information to prospective students for Gainful Employment Programs (GE) in a recognized occupation.  As such, the Academy of Natural Therapy has diclosed our total program costs, completion rates, placement rates and median loan debt rates to provide prospective students with options in choosing a GE program that best suits their needs.

Undergraduate Certificate - 12 months

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