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750 Hour Certificate

The 750 Hour Massage Therapy Program is the starting point for a professional Massage Therapist.

This 750 hour program equips students with a firm understanding of the basic skills necessary to be an effective healer for many years to come.


750 Hour Program

For detailed course descriptions, choose one of the courses listed below:

Course Prefix Course Title Clock Hours Credit Hours
BIO-110 Kinesiology 60 6
BIO-120 Anatomy & Physiology I 60 6
BIO-130 Pathology 40 4
BIO-220 Anatomy & Physiology II 40 4
CHM-110 Chair Massage 24 1.6
CPM-170 Clinical Practical - Lev 1 66 3.1
CPM-200 Clinical Practical - Lev 2 60 3.1
CPM-300 Clinical Practical - Lev 3 60 3.1
CPR-100 CPR 4 .3
HYD-210 Hydrotherapy 40 3
MAN-140 Entrepreneurship 40 4
NMT-220 Neuromuscular Therapy I 40 2.5
NMT-230 Neuromuscular Therapy II 40 2.5
SPE-130 Communication Skills 40 4
SPM-210 Sports Massage 40 3
SWM-210 Swedish Massage 60 4
TPT-220 Trigger Point Therapy 40 3

750 Clock Hours/60 Quarter Credit Hours
Normal Program Length is 9 months (3 quarters)

Program cost is $13,500. ($18 per hour)
Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

Gainful Employment

Beginning July 1, 2011, the Department of Education requries that post-secondary institutions must dislcose pertinent information to prospective students for Gainful Employment Programs (GE) in a recognized occupation.  As such, the Academy of Natural Therapy has diclosed our total program costs, completion rates, placement rates and median loan debt rates to provide prospective students with options in choosing a GE program that best suits their needs.

750 Hour Program

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