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Financing and Program Costs

Our tuition fees include everything you will need to complete your program of study. There are no extra fees or changes!


Financing and Program Costs

What's Included

Large curriculum

To obtain the well-rounded education massage therapists need, we offer a well balanced program designed to deliver the most up to date material so our students can offer the most up to date therapy to their clients.

Over 1000 hour program

Most schools only require 500 hours to complete their course. These courses are usually 6-8 months long and only teach the bare minimum. Our schools success is determined on the quality of our students, not the profit we generate.

Large campus

Our majestic campus is located in the historic downtown area of Greeley CO. The Academy of Natural Therapy occupies 36,000 square feet of lecture, practice and classroom space.. We have a large assortment of different instructional rooms with state of the art facilities and tools.

Liability insurance up to 9 million

We insure all of our full time students with the ABMP while they attend. We do this to not only bring credibility to our students but also peace of mind to their clients.

Text books included

Buying textbooks can be very costly. For a program of this type it can cost anywhere between 300 to 1200 dollars. All text books are supplied for you to keep without additional cost. With as many books as we use this saves a lot of money.

No requirement to buy table

It is simply unbelievable to us that a massage therapy school would require a student to buy a table, let alone one of theirs at a high rate. We provide tables for our students while they are in class. If a student did want to buy a table, we can offer massage tables at a good discount.

Materials provided

There are no lab fees! The Academy of Natural Therapy provides massage tables, oils and the other necessary teaching aids for training massage therapists. We do not charge our students for oil, sheets, tools, hand outs, or anything else that our students need to complete their education. We also offer materials at wholesale if our students did want to buy materials of any kind.

Structured program

Our classes meet at regular times throughout the year, not on weekends or when it is convenient to us.

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Individual Training / Small Class Size

Smaller classes sizes promote greater academic engagement and a more personable environment; this is why the academy keeps the class size ration of 12 students per class with two instructors. The academy believes in education, opportunity, and individual needs, as well as fostering strong relationships with instructors, facility, and other students.  Also if you have questions, they will be answered!


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